Who We Are & What We Do


RoLa Languages began with a small group of learners and teachers who recognized the necessity of communicating multi-lingually both in their back yards and in their businesses. The goal at RoLa is to offer affordable, structured, and effective classes to students of all ages and backgrounds.

RoLa Languages instills in students the confidence necessary to reach their language goals, in a rigorous but fun environment.

Are you a tourist about to travel abroad who wants to gain some basic language skills? An academic who needs a specific language facility? A professional who needs an edge? You will find our group classes and private sessions flexible enough to accommodate your needs.


The RoLa Method is a progressive teaching method that promotes fluency through repetition. It incorporates both traditional methods of teaching languages, as well as modern immersive styles of teaching. It is also flexible in nature.

All of our classes and lessons are broken up into three parts - General Conversation/Fluency, Verb Drills/Grammar, and Vocabulary Building/Repetition.

Fluency, regardless of your level, must be practiced from the moment you begin a language. For beginners, we do this through reading exercises; for more advanced students, we help you converse in a very natural way.

Grammar is the core of all languages. Most of our students dread this portion of the class. However, through our RoLa Method Drills, we help you have fun as you exercise your brain!

Repetition is key for retention. RoLa has designed both a review process that helps you remember words and vocabulary, as well as a method that helps you learn new vocabulary words and structures.

The RoLa Method can help anyone, regardless of their level, become a successful language learner.


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