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3 Corporate Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language... (as found on Forbes)

Distance is quickly becoming irrelevant as a result of advances in information technology. The world is becoming somewhat borderless; people, cultures, and their languages are all just a click away. Small wonder then that companies as well as their current or prospective employees are at an advantage when they can operate using more than just one language. There is an international market that simply cannot be ignored. Moreover, learning a foreign language may help corporate employees of all levels in their own decision-making process. Below is a link to article published by Forbes that RoLa strongly recommends, which delves deeper into the subject:

Are You Forgetting Something? : The Importance of Language When You Travel

"If you brush up on key words and phrases before traveling to a new country, you will save yourself time and money. Before leaving on a recent trip to Italy, I made sure I knew how to order certain food staples (coffee and croissants) and ask basic directions. Instead of asking everyone if they spoke English, I was able to figure things out on my own and not look like an uber-tourist. From a purely logistical point of view knowing bits and pieces of a language helps you get on the right trains and navigate a new city with ease. It doesn’t take a lot of advance preparation to be able to nail down the language basics and the rewards are well worth any level of effort." A very interesting and i

Reading [in other languages] Is Fundamental

There’s no feeling that can match snuggling up under a cozy blanket with a good book. It’s an act that forces away phone, computer screens, and clears one’s mind of all things stressful and worrisome. Who is to say that this can’t be taken a step further to help increase language fluency? Next time you’re lucky enough to unwind on the couch with a good book and a bottle of wine, be sure to have some of these bestsellers by your side. For our Spanish speakers, Corazón tan blanco is a best selling love story that revolves around a man with a troubling past. Written by Javier Marías, the novel tells the story of Juan as he seeks to discover the mysterious relations that his father had in his pr

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