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Netflix and Skill: The 10 Best French Movies on Netflix for French Learners

1. “In the House” (Dans la maison) Director François Ozon is often associated with “New French Extremism” and the cinéma du corps (cinema of the body), both of which commonly refer to films of an edgy, transgressive nature. However, Ozon and many of the other directors placed in this camp employ a wide range of artistic styles, and may be most notable for their willingness to experiment with new approaches that offer a vivid and quirky quality to their work. This film of Ozon’s, which features French cinema favorites Fabrice Luchini and British-born Kristen Scott Thomas, presents mainstream subject matter in a fresh and unexpected manner. It loosely employs two common formulas: the teacher-m

Third Culture Kids: Bridging Language and Culture

The term Third Culture Kid was first conceived in the 1950s by American social researchers Ruth and John Useem to define individuals who were raised in a culture different to that of their parents’ culture during their developmental years. As explained by Andrea M. Moore and Gina G. Barker in their work, “Confused or multicultural: Third culture individuals’ cultural identity,” Third Culture Kids, TCKs for short, are individuals who are immersed in a distinct culture from that of their birth country before their personal and cultural identity has been fully developed. Although the term TCK was initially used to solely describe the children of American citizens working and living abroad; due

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