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5 ways to improve your Spanish while watching Netflix

Many streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu offer a variety of shows and programs in Spanish. This is a great opportunity to practice your listening skills and to improve your vocabulary. Here are some tips that will help you get the most from watching your favorite shows. 1. For original Spanish programs, use original audio and subtitles: it is super frustrating in the beginning but after being consistent with your focus on the language (even if only for 15 minutes a day), you will notice the difference soon. 2. No distractions while watching. Use a timer and try focusing only on the video (no messages, emails, or Facebook to distract you until the timer is up). You will be

Escribiendo mensajes a nuestros amigos y seres queridos / writing messages to friends and loved one

⠀ ¡Hola a todos! Every day we send hundreds of texts in messaging apps. We try to be quick and efficient, and often write on the go. ⠀ Let's learn some of the abbreviations we can use for texting in Spanish. ⠀ salu2 – ¡saludos! – Hi, hello, bye! ⠀ k tl? – ¿qué tal? – how are you? ⠀ mxo – mucho – very much ⠀ b – bien – good ⠀ tqm – te quiero mucho – I love you a lot ⠀ x – beso – kiss ⠀ t – te – to you ⠀ pf – por favor – please ⠀ q (k) – ¿qué? – what? ⠀ dnd –​ ¿dónde? – where? ⠀ aki – aquí – here ⠀ pq – porque – because ⠀ tb – también – also ⠀ dim – dime – tell me ⠀ hsta mñn – hasta mañana – see you tomorrow ⠀ hl – hasta luego – see you later ⠀ srt! – ¡suert

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