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Top 5 Most Popular World Languages

There are more than 7,177 languages spoken on the planet today, of which 40% are currently in jeopardy, often with under 1,000 speakers remaining for each of these endangered languages. Surprisingly about half of the world’s population primarily speaks one of fifteen languages, so the Earth’s linguistic diversity lives on mostly in small populations. Here are the 5 most spoken languages and their nations: English: 1.5 billion speakers Related to: German, Dutch, Frisian Official language of: The Bahamas, Barbados, Swaziland, Belize, Maldives, Botswana, Cameroon, Dominica, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Fiji, The Gambia, Ghana, Australia, Grenada, Ireland, Guyana, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Nauru,

Tips for newly online teachers

School buildings over the globe have shut during the pandemic, therefore, teachers are being abruptly confronted with the test of how to proceed with their students’ education. While this may appear to be an overwhelming task, there are many ways educators can use innovation effectively to support web-based learning and guarantee quality classes. Here are some of the top tips from instructors from around the globe: Plan Out The Needed Tech: Training and prep time for instructors and accessibility for students are key for web-based learning. Familiarize teachers and families early on with the tools they will need so they can both prepare for the transition online. Guardians might also be tele

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