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5 Easy Ways to Start Learning Mandarin

There are so many reasons to learn Mandarin Chinese. Not only will you be introduced to one of the oldest, most popular, and culturally rich languages in the world, but learning Mandarin opens so many doors. To sell you on this amazing language, here are 3 reasons to learn Mandarin: 1. Learning Mandarin will help you get around if you travel to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia... and more! 2. Learning Mandarin can also open up career and business opportunities. Mandarin is one of the most used languages in the world, and China is one of the largest growing economies. The need for Mandarin speakers will most definitely be around for a while! 3. No conjugations and verb tenses. Nice, r

Online Language Study For French Learners: On Y Va!

Do you ever feel like you're isolated out there in the enormous startling universe of learning another language? There’s material galore all over the internet, yet you're simply missing that human element of somebody who truly gets what you're experiencing. It's easy to get discouraged when your language learning isn't advancing along completely as per plan, but don’t give up!—there are a lot of bloggers out there who are experiencing the battle with you, and they're writing on it as they go! Here are a couple of the top tips we’ve gathered of easy ways to improve your real-life French - There Are Many Meanings Of “C'est Bon,” The French Phrase Literally Meaning “It’s Good”: While this expre

How to remember what you read in a foreign language….and in your own language too!

You might have come across many reading techniques at work or at school. It’s clear that reading in a foreign language is generally slower than reading in your native language. And, remembering what you read is even harder. It’s true that quantity is not better than quality, especially when it comes to language learning! You must remember what you learn! And you must remember what you read, to an extent. Here are some useful tips: Take notes on the page Never read without a pencil. Underline sentences you find confusing, interesting, or important. Become familiar with the topic by doing a quick internet search. The more you understand and know about a particular topic, the more likely you wi

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