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5 Games That Can Teach You English

When you consider studying English, what do you envision? You likely see yourself sitting at a desk with your nose in a book. But, learning English doesn't need to be that way! Games are a great method to work on your English. It is a fun and engaging approach to get familiar with a language. Games are great for kids (and adults!) who are timid or stressed over language learning, and it offers them a chance to practice English in a casual way. Pick the game that best fits your level of English. Or better yet, challenge yourself! 1. Apples to Apples Apples to Apples is a great vocabulary builder as players work to combine various adjectives and nouns together. It is a pleasant game that is su

5 Challenging French Words to Test your Speaking Skills

Although it may be challenging at times, there are many benefits to learning French. Learning French gives you the ability to communicate in 29 countries where French is an official language. So why not make it fun? Here is a list of 5 of the most difficult words to say in French. Challenge yourself and your friends to see if you are a French natural! Fourrure-Fur (fuʀyʀ) Heureuse - Happy (øʀø) Écureuil - Squirrel (Ekyʀœj) Grenouille- Frog (ɡʀənuj) Serrurerie- Locksmith (seʀyʀʀi) If you finish this article and are hungry for more challenges, try completing some of our free classes and worksheets on Facebook. For all things Rola, visit the Rola Languages website for m

10 Common Everyday English Phrases with Racist Origins

Although some of our wrongdoing may be in the past, it still carries with us. As it is becoming more and more evident, systemic racism is still well and alive today. Due to our history, there are many words in the English language that have racist origins, yet we still use them on an everyday basis. This is a list of some of them, so that we can become aware and make changes in our language to evolve it as we evolve. Gypped Gypsy was a term used to refer to the Romani people, a group that has long been discriminated against in many parts of the world. Gypped means to be cheated or swindled. A practice to discriminate against the Romani people would be to accuse them of being thieves and even

Benefits of learning a second language

What is learning? It is a process you face everyday whether you recognize it or not. It is something that plays an important role throughout your entire life. You have been learning since birth, starting with hand gestures and words from your parents and is a never-ending process. You continue to learn throughout your whole life and each learning experience develops skills applicable to future endeavors. Learning a second language is one of those experiences that has an everlasting impact and provides advantages that allow you to progress in many aspects of your life. The process of learning a language creates more than just a new form of communicating. It presents the opportunity to learn a

Get Rid Of Distractions

While you can't get rid of everything, you can make a conscious effort to diminish or reduce everyday distractions. Create a peaceful zone. Silence your phone notifications or better yet turn it off all together. Shut the door to your office and ask people around you not to interrupt you. Close projects or applications that aren't fundamental to the task at hand. Practice To Save Time Concentrate on one undertaking at a time – It can be a lot harder to focus when constantly taking minibreaks to reply or send messages, or answer unexpected calls. It has been suggested that it can take as long as 15 minutes for us to recapture total concentration after an interruption. Switch among tasks that

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