May 1, 2020

School buildings over the globe have shut during the pandemic, therefore, teachers are being abruptly confronted with the test of how to proceed with their students’ education. While this may appear to be an overwhelming task, there are many ways educators can use inno...

July 29, 2015

1. Se debe tener disciplina si quiere obtener resultados.

2. No tenga miedo de equivocarse, si tiene la posibilidad de hablar con alguien que hable el inglés perfecto, no se sienta intimidado. Ésta es su oportunidad para que tome ventaja de eso y aprenda lo qu...

July 10, 2015


  • Omission of the “s” in the third person verb: this is one of the most typical mistakes for an Italian and a Spanish  speaker. Even if you know the very simple rule, the mistake is so common.

  • Gender confusion: In Spanish and...

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