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What sets RoLa apart from other language schools is that we seek to create a community that's internationally focused and multicultural. Our community welcomes everyone from young children, to business professionals, to retirees. Founded in 2010, RoLa Languages is located in Cambridge and reflects the vibrant energy of the area. With hundreds of students from all over the world and an international staff, we are here to help our students in becoming multilingual. Join us on your language adventure!


Dream. Challenge. Succeed.

RoLa Languages has developed a progressive teaching method that promotes fluency through repetition. It incorporates both traditional methods of teaching languages, as well as modern immersive styles of teaching. It is also flexible in nature.  All of our classes and lessons are broken up into three parts - General Conversation/Fluency, Verb Drills/Grammar, and Vocabulary Building/Repetition. Please find below our current course offerings.

Language Classes


An Exceptional Learning Experience

At RoLa, we believe that all students should have the opportunity to speak – after all, that is why most students learn a second language! All our classes are limited to small groups of 6 students or fewer, and are taught by experienced native speakers who have been trained in the RoLa Method. Enroll in our hands-on, innovative classes for beginners up to advanced students.

Language Programs


Dive Right In

RoLa Languages has created a series of intensive and immersive programs for our students. These programs are designed to allow students the opportunity to practice and speak their target language in a contained, structured, and immersive environment. We have one-day programs, two-day programs, and even travel programs!


Feedback From Students All Over The World

“I really like the school, the classes are small which gives you a lot of opportunities to speak and ask questions.” 

Pat - Portuguese Student

"Online Skype English lessons are the best way to immerse in American culture and Rola Languages is the best way I’ve ever known for this. The English teachers are all great; they are always punctual and they adapt their lessons to the students.

They are all amazing professionals and I look forward to every single lesson."

David - English Online Tutoring Student from France

I have taken classes in French (intermediate), Spanish (beginning), and Italian (low intermediate) at RoLa -- which I think says a lot about my high opinion of the school's teachers and supportive environment. I also spent a week in the multifaceted immersion program in Paris, which was super (although Paris was in the middle of heat wave when we visited). The classes are small, and the teachers are native speakers who know how to break down the language into manageable morsels and get students to speak quite a bit at each session (which is missing from many adult language programs). And best of all, the lessons are a lot of fun.

Rosemary - French, Spanish and Italian Student



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