Paris, Madrid, Rome or São Paulo?

We'll take you wherever you'd like to go. We explore the city, talk in your target language, visit cultural events and much more. Rola offers Immersion Trip Packages,  but also Travel on Demand.


RoLa believes that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. What better way than visiting a country that speaks your target language?

We have conducted fun, educational trips to cities in Europe as well as Brazil, and offer these immersion trips throughout the year. We also offer our English students abroad the opportunity to come practice their English in the United States.


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This is an excellent opportunity to practice your French while immersing yourself in French culture!

In Paris, there will be 5 days of classes and one free day. Participants will spend the morning in classes at a language school. During the evenings you will participate in activities with RoLa's many English students in France.

The fee for this program is $1,500 (excluding airfare) per week for full students, and $750 per week for participants who do not wish to enroll in French school.




Please Contact Us If You're Interested In This Trip!

Modeled on our successful French immersion program, Spanish students will spend 7 days studying and experiencing Puerto Rico, with one free day. Trip participants spend the morning studying Spanish at a language school, and the afternoons and evenings exploring the city with RoLa friends and English students.

The fee for this program is $1,500 (excluding airfare) for full students, and $750 for cultural travelers not enrolled in Spanish school.



Travel On Demand

You and your friends/colleges like the idea of combining traveling with language education, but prefer to set your own dates? We offer you the perfect immersion trip to your specific needs and thrive to offer you the program that works best for you. Please contact us to receive a quote.