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Edward is the founder and Director of RoLa Languages. While living abroad in Argentina and Spain, he fell in love with the idea of the language school, and was determined to build such a community in Boston. After privately tutoring Spanish for many years, Ed decided to formalize his teaching method and began RoLa Languages. Ed is fluent in English and Spanish and a student of French and Portuguese. He has nearly 8 years of language teaching experience, having taught both English and Spanish as a teacher and tutor. He received his Bachelor's from Harvard University and Master's in Management from Boston University.





Molly is originally from Massachusetts. She discovered her love for travel and cultural immersion after working in customer service for an educational travel company where she explored many countries in Europe including France & Italy. Most recently she lived in Costa Rica to pursue her passion for horses and horse training. While living in a Spanish speaking country, she was motivated and inspired to learn & practice the language and is eager to continue to improve! Outside of the office, she enjoys outdoor adventures with her two Australian Cattle Dogs (especially in Cape Cod), practicing yoga & meditation,  and gardening.



Administrative Manager

Coddy is an avid traveler who has spent the majority of his life on the road, Coddy has lived in a dozen states, as well as Canada (Quebec & Ontario), and France. In addition, Coddy has spent an extensive amount of time traveling through North America, South America, and Europe.

Coddy has a bachelor’s degree in French and international business and a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration with a focus in social justice.

Coddy is a published author, public speaker, and full time traveler who is currently traveling around North America in a converted van.




Taryn is originally from New Hampshire and studied Communication and Spanish at the University of New Hampshire where she also had the opportunity to live and in Costa Rica and Spain. After graduating, she held a job in Marketing but then decided to take her passion for language, travel and culture across the world to Thailand where she spent 1.5 years working as an ESL Teacher. Her time spent working with young students in Thailand inspired her to pursue opportunities that combine her educational and professional background in Communications/Marketing with her love for language and culture. 


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Spanish Teacher

Diana was born in Colombia, a country with amazing culture and diverse landscapes from deserts to snow-covered mountains, famous for its empanadas and specialty coffee, as well as the kindness of its people. 

She studied law and specialized in the field of foreign trade, which instilled in her the importance of mutual understanding in different languages and the advantages of blending into new cultures and communities. 

For more than 20 years she has been involved in teaching and formalized her Spanish teaching abilities of her native language with a Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language certification at Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes. She is a swimmer, and loves to spend time with her son, daughter, and her husband in both indoor and outdoor activities.


Spanish Teacher

Nemi is originally from México, where she studied and received her PhD in Biological science. Her native language is Spanish and she really enjoys teaching this beautiful and rich language while also sharing her Mexican culture and her passions in life. Besides the Rola Method, she likes to use different songs, news and many other resources to make Spanish classes a unique learning experience to all who enter her class.



Spanish Teacher

Isabel is from Salamanca (Spain) where she studied Philosophy in the University of Salamanca, and then a Masters degree in Linguistics applied to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language in the University of Nebrija (Madrid). She has studied English, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. 

She began snowboarding recently so she is enjoying the Boston winters so far!


Spanish Teacher

Rita is from Mexico City originally and moved to the US in 2016, spending 3 years in Chicago before coming to the Boston area. She loves to teach Spanish especially because she can share her culture and her native language with her students, and enjoys improving people’s lives with any topic that they want to learn.



Spanish Teacher

Raquel is a native Spanish speaker originally from Venezuela.  With her degree in Hospitality Management and working in hotels, she was able to use her bilingual skills on a regular basis.  The importance of teaching the Spanish language and culture at home to her bilingual daughters inspired her to teach others.  She enjoys teaching the RoLa method, and loves to include music, videos and books by Spanish authors in her classes.

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Spanish Teacher

Marisol is a native from Spain who has had an interest in languages since middle school. She graduated with a degree in English and literature, in addition to studying French and Italian. Shortly after getting her degree, she fulfilled her dream of living abroad and moved to Ireland where she studied photography and also began teaching Spanish to adults. Although she created a photography business once she moved to Boston in 2010, she has always been teaching in different capacities, as a substitute teacher or tutor, to high schoolers and adults. Furthermore, she has over two years’ experience teaching Spanish to kids at after-school programs with Rola, drawing on her previous background as a camp leader, and has loved the experience so far.

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Spanish Teacher

Vanesa is Spanish by birth and Bostonian by choice as of 2019.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Sciences and a Master's Degree in Pedagogical Aptitude.  Shortly after her arrival in Boston, she started in a volunteer program as a mentor for Boston Partners in Education in Boston public schools (supporting the Hispanic community in their integration and understanding of English).  She has taught Spanish to adults and children, but her real passion is bilingual education from an early age.   



Spanish Teacher

Patricia was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, and after studying Marketing, moved to Boston, and worked in banking for several years. Her transition into education occurred when she began volunteering at her daughters’ school, fulfilling a lifelong desire to teach. Since 2007, she has been teaching Spanish to children in an aim to educate students about different cultures and to instill in them the importance of acceptance, respect, and recognition of individual differences. 


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French Teacher

Caroline moved to the US in 2016, and currently resides in windy Chicago with her wife and their many house plants. A native French-speaker, she has years of experience teaching language and literacy to adults and children in a variety of settings, both in France and in the US. She’s an avid reader, and loves hiking and camping when the weather allows it.



French Teacher

Julien is a French native, born and raised in the Champagne region of France. After studying French literature at La Sorbonne University of Paris, he moved to Boston where he earned his degree of Music Business & Management at Berklee College of Music. During his time in the USA (6 years), he taught French at Rola and the International School of Boston, while pursuing his career as a professional musician. He has now 20 years of experience teaching French, English and Music. Julien is based in Paris, France, and speaks French, English and Spanish.


French Teacher

Gina Marie is a Boston-based classical musician from New York. She is a native English speaker and has been a French learner and speaker for 13 years. Having recently received a Master’s in Music in Vocal Performance from The Longy School of Music, she sings in and speaks various world languages, such as Italian and German. She resides in Boston with her boyfriend and small cat, spending her downtime cooking, making art, and getting outdoors. You can find her on Rola’s Instagram page throughout the week, producing live videos of everyday French! 

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French Teacher

Virginie is originally from Togo, a French speaking country in West Africa. She studied German, French and African literature in her native country where she taught French and served as a radio program presenter. She then decided to pursue studies in Belgium and received a Master’s Degree in Project Development and Management from the Catholic University of Louvain. Moving to Massachusetts in 2010, she first did private French tutoring, then joined Berlitz, and now Rola Languages where she currently serves as a French instructor.

Virginie loves nature. She spends her free time gardening, walking miles and having fun outdoors with family and friends.


French, English & Mandarin Teacher

Léo is a Boston native and currently a student at Framingham State University studying Modern Languages with a concentration in French and Chinese. He is the French tutor on his campus, as well as having tutored privately for several years.  He has lived in Chambéry, France and Shanghai, China and loved both places because it put him first-hand with the target language. In his free time, you could find Léo skiing in New England, studying Chinese, French, and Turkish, hanging out with his friends, trying new restaurants, and traveling!



Portuguese Teacher

Vinícius is a Brazilian living in the US since 2017. His native language is Portuguese and he's on his way to making English his secondary language. He has 13 years of experience teaching Biology in High School. He loves his cat, Holden, His wife, Marilene, his job, his family, and Boston!

Etyelle Pinheiro de Araujo.jpg

Portuguese Teacher

Etyelle is a Brazilian native born in a small city near Rio de Janeiro. She has come to the Boston area as a visiting fellow in Harvard University's Afro-Latin-American Studies program as a History major and PhD Candidate in Language Studies. Her teaching experience stretches across history, philosophy and Portuguese disciplines.



Italian Teacher

Rosario is a native Italian speaker born and raised in Sicily. He moved in the U.S. in 2009 after traveling in Europe during his doctorate. He gained an extensive experience from teaching and tutoring in a multinational-settings across Italy and USA.

He worked as teacher at graduate and undergraduate level in Italy and for several worldwide language schools before starting  working at RoLa. During his teaching experience, he had the opportunity to design and develop curriculum for students of all ages, backgrounds and learning levels.

Rosario loves sport, food, languages and traveling. He is very motivated to share these passions with students and friends.



Mandarin Teacher

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Jin graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China. Later she worked as an editor in a major newspaper and magazine agencies before returning to more advanced studies in Beijing Normal University in 2008 and received the certificate of senior Chinese teacher. Starting in 2009, Jin worked as a Mandarin teacher in Beijing BC School for foreign students in China, and in 2013, she enrolled in Beijing Language and Culture University for further study where she also worked as a part time Mandarin teacher and obtained some rich Chinese teaching experiences. Since coming to the United States in 2017, Jin has been teaching Chinese in a local Chinese school, and joined Rola Languages in 2018.


Mandarin Teacher

Sandra was born and raised in one of China's largest and most dynamic city, Shanghai. She majored in International Chinese in college and spent her first several years of career teaching Mandarin to expats in Shanghai. Now residing in the Midwest, she is a full-time mom to an excitable 3-year-old, occasionally moonlighting as a Chinese TV drama translator. She might have subbed your fave show! She was also a published romance author back in China, with more than 20 books under her belt.





English & Spanish Teacher

Izzy is a young professional working full time at Wayfair LLC in their international department. After a Spanish exchange student program in high school, Izzy fell in love with the language and went on to double major in Spanish and Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh. She has lived in Spain and worked as an English and Spanish teacher, translator and interpreter for a variety of age groups. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and playing volleyball! 

Erin O'Brien.JPEG

English, French & Spanish Teacher

Erin studied Spanish and social work in college with the intention of furthering communication with and working with immigrant populations. She has traveled to Spain and has worked with a variety of age groups in language-learning and bilingual settings. In her free time, she likes to cook and eat out, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy time outdoors!