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Edward is the founder and Director of RoLa Languages. While living abroad in Argentina and Spain, he fell in love with the idea of the language school, and was determined to build such a community in Boston. After privately tutoring Spanish for many years, Ed decided to formalize his teaching method and began RoLa Languages. Ed is fluent in English and Spanish and a student of French and Portuguese. He has nearly 8 years of language teaching experience, having taught both English and Spanish as a teacher and tutor. He received his Bachelor's from Harvard University and Master's in Management from Boston University.


Assistant Director

Erica is a Massachusetts native who has loved learning languages since she was a child. She began studying Spanish in middle school and soon added French, eventually becoming a tutor in both languages. She spent two summers in Switzerland improving her French and one summer in Spain. In college, she complemented her language studies with Arabic and found a new focus. After serving as an Arabic tutor on the college staff, she graduated Smith College with a major in Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies and a minor in Spanish. Erica currently serves as Assistant Director, teaches English, Spanish and French, and hopes to learn Portuguese.


Spanish Teacher

Almudena is from the north of Spain. She speaks Spanish, English and a bit of German. In 2011 she left Málaga and since then has lived in Sydney (Australia), Munich (Germany) and now in Cambridge, MA. She loves having friends and family around and cooking for them. She swims as much as she can and enjoys reading a nice book.


Spanish Teacher

Nemi is originally from México, where she studied and received her PhD in Biological science. Her native language is Spanish and she really enjoys teaching this beautiful and rich language while also sharing her Mexican culture and her passions in life. Besides the RoLa Method, she likes to use different songs, news and many other resources to make Spanish classes a unique learning experience to all who enter her class.


Spanish Teacher

Jose has been teaching Spanish seasonally since 2001. He is Peruvian American, fully bilingual and bicultural, works with all levels. He’s a Social Psychologist by training (BA, URP - Lima) with grad studies in communications, media making and regulatory affairs /marketing for biotech (UCLA & Northeastern). He is a communications consultant that helps non-profit organizations, and healthcare providers to access what is called the Latino / Hispanic market. Jose is a serial social entrepreneur with multiple projects on record: the Boston Latino Film Festival, the Boston Food Film Festival, Viceversa Communications and the Cambridge Food Lab. He is also a trained chef interested in developing profitable cost efficient food production systems.


Spanish Teacher

Karen is a Colombian native from Bogota who studied business administration.  Business aside, she has always felt a passion for languages, studying French and Italian herself, and in her teaching, enjoys sharing her culture and incorporating a multimedia approach in her classes to provide the best student experience. She loves to spend time with family, cooking, traveling, and hiking.



Portuguese Teacher

Vinícius is a Brazilian living in the US since 2017. His native language is Portuguese and he's on his way to making English his secondary language. He has 13 years of experience teaching Biology in High School. He loves his cat, Holden, His wife, Marilene, his job, his family, and Boston!


English Teacher

Born in Nigeria and raised in Texas, Praise moved to Boston in 2018. She graduated from Wesleyan University with a dual degree in Psychology and Russian, Eastern European, & Eurasian studies. During her four years there, she gained experience tutoring and teaching across different age groups, from elementary school students to high school seniors. Outside of this, she enjoys reading, watching horror films, and trying new foods.



Spanish & English Teacher

Ana Ibave began working as a Spanish professor at The University of Rhode Island in 2010, while working towards her Master’s Degree in Spanish Linguistics. This teaching position sparked in her a strong passion for bilingual education. Ana studied abroad for a semester in the University of Salamanca in Spain, where she learned more about the pedagogical and linguistic aspects of language acquisition.
After 4 years of working at the University of Rhode Island, Ana went back to Mexico to work as an English Professor for a private college called North Regional University.
For her, meaningful teaching involves assimilating individuals into the mainstream of a global society with language skills that will enhance their employment opportunities and social status.


Italian Teacher

Rosario is a native Italian speaker born and raised in Sicily. He moved in the U.S. in 2009 after traveling in Europe during his doctorate. He gained an extensive experience from teaching and tutoring in a multinational-settings across Italy and USA.

He worked as teacher at graduate and undergraduate level in Italy and for several worldwide language schools before starting  working at RoLa. During his teaching experience, he had the opportunity to design and develop curriculum for students of all ages, backgrounds and learning levels.

Rosario loves sport, food, languages and traveling. He is very motivated to share these passions with students and friends.


English, French & Spanish Teacher

Erin studied Spanish and social work in college with the intention of furthering communication with and working with immigrant populations. She has traveled to Spain and has worked with a variety of age groups in language-learning and bilingual settings. In her free time, she likes to cook and eat out, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy time outdoors!



English, French & Spanish Teacher

James is born and raised in Augusta, Georgia. During freshman year of high school, he found his passion for languages when he took his first Spanish class.  Afterwards, he began learning French while continuing with Spanish. He is currently a student at Harvard University concentrating in linguistics. Furthermore, he is studying Japanese to expand his appreciation for global cultures. Outside of the classroom, he loves to travel the world, teach, and help others with their language-learning journey!



Spanish Teacher

Born and raised in her beloved Buenos Aires, Argentina, after living in Boston and teaching at RoLa for a year and a half, Camila is still contributing to our community after returning home by teaching online and developing RoLa's Spanish curriculum. Outside of her career at RoLa, she's a fashion designer, creating party and wedding dresses made to measure and ready to wear. She loves to travel, reading, movies and all kind of art.



Portuguese Teacher

Maria Luiza is a native speaker of Portuguese from Brazil with a passion for both learning and teaching.  She has a license to teach Portuguese from Paulistana University of Sciences and Letters, located in São Paulo, Brazil and a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Language-Latin at University of Massachusetts Boston. Prior to working for Rola Languages, her experience as a Portuguese Teacher with São Paulo public schools as well as other Boston language institutes has provided her with a solid foundation to help students from different backgrounds learn Portuguese. She has lived in the US for about 15 years and enjoys swimming and walking in her free time.  




English & Spanish Teacher

Izzy is a young professional working full time at Wayfair LLC in their international department. After a Spanish exchange student program in high school, Izzy fell in love with the language and went on to double major in Spanish and Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh. She has lived in Spain and worked as an English and Spanish teacher, translator and interpreter for a variety of age groups. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and playing volleyball! 


French Teacher

Isabelle comes from a math, science, engineering and architecture background at the masters' level, but has been teaching her native language of French since 2009.  She prides her teaching on a dynamic approach that combines humor, a multitude of explanations, and a never-ending energy!



French & Spanish Teacher


Spanish Teacher

Meghan blended her love for travel, music and language when she moved to Massachusetts with her indie rock band after earning a BA in French and  teaching credential in California. She went on to UMass Boston to earn a MA in Applied Linguistics with a focus on ELL.  She has been teaching for twelve years and is passionate about every aspect of language learning!

Patricia was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, and after studying Marketing, moved to Boston, and worked in banking for several years. Her transition into education occurred when she began volunteering at her daughters’ school, fulfilling a lifelong desire to teach. Since 2007, she has been teaching Spanish to children in an aim to educate students about different cultures and to instill in them the importance of acceptance, respect, and recognition of individual differences. 


Marketing Manager

Lu was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to the Boston area to get her Masters degree in Communications. She speaks Russian, English, Spanish, and some German. At RoLa, Lu is responsible for managing administrative and marketing tasks and helping raise the profile of the language learner community in Cambridge. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, trying out new coffee spots, and traveling to small towns around Boston.


Spanish Teacher

Isabel is from Salamanca (Spain) where she studied Philosophy in the University of Salamanca, and then a Masters degree in Linguistics applied to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language in the University of Nebrija (Madrid). She has studied English, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese. 

She began snowboarding recently so she is enjoying the Boston winters so far!



Spanish Teacher

After School Language Monitor

Olga is from Bucaramanga, Colombia, where she majored in Communications. She decided to travel to Boston as an Au Pair where she was a Spanish tutor, provided child care, and studied English as a second language. She loves reading and writing, so she has taken writing classes to improve her skills, written articles for a magazine, and worked as an interpreter. Olga is a supporter of animal rights and a vegetarian.  

Betsy Rodman is a monitor in the after school language program for Spanish & French. She currently works from home as a mosaic artist. As a former registered nurse in a multi-cultural primary care clinic in Somerville, MA, she was exposed to many languages working one on one with patients and interpreters. She is a French speaker and loves language in general. She trained and taught Aikido, a Japanese martial art, for over 30 years.



French Teacher

French Teacher

Léo is a Boston native and currently a student at Framingham State University studying Modern Languages with a concentration in French and Chinese. He is the French tutor on his campus, as well as having tutored privately for several years.  He has lived in Chambéry, France and Shanghai, China and loved both places because it put him first-hand with the target language. In his free time, you could find Léo skiing in New England, studying Chinese, French, and Turkish, hanging out with his friends, trying new restaurants, and traveling!

Born and raised in Haiti, Widelyne speaks Haitian Creole, French and English. Currently she is pursuing a degree in health care management at Northeastern University in Boston. Her experience as an interpreter and Sunday school teacher jump started her interest in teaching French, particularly to children.  Outside of the classroom, Widelyne enjoys cooking, bowling and traveling.


Portuguese Teacher

Etyelle is a Brazilian native born in a small city near Rio de Janeiro. She has come to the Boston area as a visiting fellow in Harvard University's Afro-Latin-American Studies program as a History major and PhD Candidate in Language Studies. Her teaching experience stretches across history, philosophy and Portuguese disciplines.

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