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El Día de La Independencia: Rola's Picture Book about the Fourth of July

Celebrate the Fourth of July while learning Spanish with "El Día de La Independencia is Independence Day"! This delightful picture book, part of Rola Languages' Spanish Bilingual Holiday Series, offers a dual-language experience in English and Spanish. This book is ideal for new learners and was written by our founder Edward Lee Rocha.

Young learners are introduced to vocabulary and cultural themes associated with Independence Day. As children and parents read this engaging story, they not only enjoy the vivid illustrations but also expand their Spanish vocabulary related to this important holiday. Each page presents new words and phrases, helping readers grow their Spanish vocabulary list while having fun.

"El Día de La Independencia is Independence Day" is not just about language learning. It's also a celebration of cultural awareness. By exploring the traditions and symbols of Independence Day in both English and Spanish, readers develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures. The book promotes fluency, encourages cultural sensitivity, and sparks curiosity about diverse celebrations.

Whether you are a student learner or a parent looking to support your child's language journey, this picture book is a valuable resource. It offers an enjoyable way to learn Spanish vocabulary, improve fluency, and foster cultural understanding. So dive into the vibrant world of "El Día de La Independencia is Independence Day," and let the pictures and language learning fun ignite your enthusiasm for language and culture.

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Rola Languages is also an independent publisher. If you have always wanted to publish a children's books, please contact us! We're here to help! Or, we can be your independent publisher!


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