Private Tutoring

An Exceptional Learning Experience.

Private tutoring takes place at our Cambridge offices or online, and offers students the opportunity to benefit from face-to-face interaction, with more flexibility than our group classes. Students with specific needs, or advanced students who simply need to review and practice, may find tutoring an excellent opportunity for them. Tutoring is available for ages 6 and above.

"Semi-private" tutoring means a private group of friends, colleagues, family members, etc. where the group is provided by you (Rola does not find other students to join you).

Online Tutoring


Enjoy all the benefits of language learning with the flexibility needed to accomodate any lifestyle. Our remote Tutoring classes allow you to pursue language learning from anywhere.

In Person Tutoring


Are you interested in Private tutoring that offers face-to-face contact with professors?

In-Person tutoring allows you to interact face-to-face with your teachers at our Porter Square offices in Cambridge.