In-Person Intro 1 Italian (March 2022)


Tuesdays 5:30 - 7 p.m. EST


Begins March 8th

In-Person Intro 1 Italian (March 2022, Tuesdays 5:30 - 7 p.m. EST)

  • ● Classes are subject to availability and demand. Rola Languages reserves the right to
    cancel classes 24 hours before the planned start time. Classes must have a
    three-person minimum to be confirmed. In the event of a class cancellation on our part,
    Rola will offer affected students either a refund or credit towards other Rola
    ● Students should be aware that Rola has a no-makeup class policy and also will not
    prorate the cost of the session for pre-planned absences.
    ● If a student decides to withdraw from a class while the session is in progress, Rola will
    hold the unused classes as a credit on the student's file.
    ● If a student decides to withdraw from a class before it starts, refunds will only be given
    up to 24 hours before the start date and paid within 30 days of the withdrawl.

    Download the full verison of STUDENT POLICY below