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La Familia Rocha series is an introductory Spanish series for children language learners. The goal is to help students practice Spanish while having fun and learning vocabulary.


La Familia Rocha: Las Vacaciones is the 4th installment of La Familia Rocha series! Maria and Redolfo's journey continues! In this installment, you will learn about the holidays and the days of the week! You'll visit a few places with Maria and Redolfo, and most importantly, you'll see them grow as a couple!


For students who want a more comprehensive language learning experience, we recommend you buy Rola Languages' Spanish: Level 1 textbook! Each La Familia Rocha book was designed to accompany a chapter in the Rola Languages' Spanish: Level 1 textbook. It's a great complimentary children's book to be used hand in hand with the textbook. This language learning experience will be fun, with fantastic illustrations, and great content! ¡Buena Suerte!


*Please note that it may take up to a week to deliver.*

La Familia Rocha: Las Vacaciones

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