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Kid's Summer Spanish Camp 2017

In RoLa Scholars’ most popular kids’ program, designed for children grades 1-8, students will practice their Spanish in an immersive environment, reinforcing their skills through songs, games, crafts, and story-telling. This is an excellent opportunity for children to retain and reinforce their Spanish and get ready for school. Beginners welcome!!!

We have a super fun daily schedule with different activities throughout the day, reinforcing their skills through songs, games, crafts, and story-telling, outdoors games, and more.

Kids can and should be challenged early on to advance in basic reading, writing, speaking, and language skills. We believe that all classes—even math—should work together to improve a student's communication and critical thinking skills. We understand how important it is for students to apply what they learn in class in practical settings. That's why our instruction is based on the RoLa Method, a progressive teaching method that promotes learning through repetition and review in a very dynamic way, perfect for kids.

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