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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Around the World

The big day is here and people around the world are spreading the love. Here’s 5 countries who celebrate love and friendship in unique ways.

1. Romania – Dragobete

For Romanians, Dragobete is as close at it gets to Valentine’s Day. On this special holiday boys are to go into the forest and return with snowdrops and beautiful flowers for their lovely ladies. The day serves to emphasize the importance of the human connection with nature. It is because of this holiday we are reminded of the shared beauty that comes from both nature and humans alike.

2. Argentina –Dia de los enamorados

Since Buenos Aires is the love capital of South America it should be expected that love and passion will fill the streets this Valentine’s Day. Although a relatively young holiday, leave it up to the Argentinians to throw a real love-fest this year. With the succession of each year it is becoming more and more common for love-festivals to take up streets and sidewalks around the city.

3. France – Saint Valentin Village

Once a year, this tiny village in France explodes with the red and pink stain of millions of roses. A three day festival is thrown to celebrate passion, love, and family. Said to be the most romantic village in France, the people here don’t miss a beat when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

4. China – Qixi

China wins the ‘cutest love story’ competition. Their annual celebration of love – called Qixi - stems from an anecdote about two lovers unable to be together because of social hierarchy. Once a year, the two were able to reunite and share their ever-lasting love for one another. Each year the residents of China flood the streets and celebrate the pursuit of love.

5. Estonia – Sobrapaev

On this special day Estonians celebrate friendship rather than love. It’s tradition for children to spend the day making cards for friends and family members that they love and adults often exchange gifts to celebrate long lasting friendship.

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