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6 Ways to Spice Up Your Language Learning

Learning a new language can prove to be tedious and frustrating at times. Especially for those not enrolled in classes or courses, there can be an overwhelming sense of defeat when it comes to the endless vocabulary and verb tenses (or lack thereof for our friends studying Mandarin). But just because things are difficult doesn’t mean you have to stop your language journey, there are options and we put together a list of ways to spice up your language learning process.

1. Books If you’re tired of reading from a textbook, go to the library and pick out some books written in your chosen language. Start with children’s books and as your literacy and comprehension improves you’ll be ready to move on to higher level novels. This is a way to practice your language skills while cozying up on the couch with a good book. Go get yourself a soft blanket, some warm socks and most importantly a good book and bring some excitement to your language path.

2. Movies If you’re less a fan of words on paper and maybe a fan of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, then we suggest you hop on Netflix this weekend. With TV shows and movies in languages like Spanish, French, and German, this is a perfect opportunity to binge watch for a good cause.

3. Restaurants Calling all food lovers! Lucky for you guys I’ve got a good reason as to why you need to go out to dinner tonight. When learning a new language there’s always a heavy focus on how to order food from a restaurant, which means it’s time to put these skills to good use. Regardless of the language you’re learning, there’s bound to be a restaurant nearby geared towards its country of origin. Head over there tonight and order yourself your favorite meal and dessert--all in the name of education, of course.

4. Be a Tourist in Your Own City Most cities and towns have streets and neighborhoods with different cultural identities so don’t be afraid to explore! These areas are not only places where you can practice your language at different stores and restaurants but they also serve as a cultural hub of traditions and festivities that will help bring you into the cultural mindset of the people who speak the language you’re trying to learn. Immersing yourself within a culture will show you why language acquisition is so important. New cultures will open your eyes to new parts of the world and new ways of living.

5. Music What’s easier than plugging in some headphones while you head to work or school in the morning? This year Despacito topped the charts but that doesn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to the breadth of the music industry for languages other than English. Whether you’re into EDM, rock, or folk music I can guarantee that you can find these genres in your language of choice. Listening to music will increase your comprehension and pronunciation in a fun and easy way.

6. Podcasts The world of podcasts is still heavily underrated. You can find a podcast in any language on the topic of your choice within seconds via Spotify or even the free podcast app on iPhones. There are even podcasts geared towards language learning so if you’re still in the beginning stages of learning your language, this is a good supplement to classes you might be taking.

There are plenty of ways to continue your language journey so don’t feel discouraged if you get bored by classes or textbooks. Learning a new language is your key to a new perspective of life as well as your ticket to more meaningful travel. It’s often easier than you think to get extra language practice into your daily routine so don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new as you practice your skills.

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Good luck!