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Reading [in other languages] Is Fundamental

There’s no feeling that can match snuggling up under a cozy blanket with a good book. It’s an act that forces away phone, computer screens, and clears one’s mind of all things stressful and worrisome. Who is to say that this can’t be taken a step further to help increase language fluency?

Next time you’re lucky enough to unwind on the couch with a good book and a bottle of wine, be sure to have some of these bestsellers by your side.

For our Spanish speakers, Corazón tan blanco is a best selling love story that revolves around a man with a troubling past. Written by Javier Marías, the novel tells the story of Juan as he seeks to discover the mysterious relations that his father had in his previous marriages.

Seemingly charged with secrets and mystery, this book is sure to reel you in.

La fille de Brooklyn by Guillaume Musso is an addictive, suspenseful love story. The love of the narrator's life, Anna, reveals a secret and disappears soon after. From this point forward we follow her fiancé as he searches for the love of his life, the woman that he refuses to let slip away. This novel, written in French, is a captivating and an intriguing way to get some language practice.

For Italian speakers, Io Non Ho Paura by Niccoló Ammaniti has proved to be an easy read. Given that this book was written from the perspective of a child, the syntax consists of relatively short sentences, which makes for an easy read. This book is perfect for crime lovers, so all of you Sherlock Holmes fans better go grab your copy.

If you’re working on your Mandarin, 《活著》 余華 is a good general fiction that follows a compulsive gambler who eventually is unfortunate enough to throw away his large fortune. It tells the story of his time in the army and it is described as a fairly easy read.

Reading stories in the language you’re trying to learn can be really helpful if you’re trying to find a fun way to maintain interest. Even if none of these books spark interest, grab a copy of your favorite book in a different language and you can follow along with your English copy at home for when you get confused. That way, you’re reading a book you know you’re bound to enjoy.

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