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5 Ways to Maintain Your Foreign Language Fluency

1. Read foreign books

Boost your vocabulary by reading a book in your target language. All the words and phrases chosen by the writer could be used as an extra source when learning a new language. Start with a comic book. It's a fun way to study and pictures are not cheating!

2. Listen to foreign music

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Everybody has, right? Listening to your favourite music over and over is the perfect formula for memorizing new expressions without hard work. Any kind of music with lyrics can be an awesome tool in language learning. No matter if it is an timeless classic song or the latest pop hit, it helps you expand your knowledge.

3. Watch foreign movies

Pick a movie you like and challenge yourself by watching it in a foreign language. You can learn 'real language', not the textbook version. Plus, you will see how to use the words you have learnt in context.

4. Subscribe to YouTube channels

YouTube is an endless source of free learning material. Check out our channel to learn different languages or polish your current skills.

5. Join a language club or class

Language clubs are the perfect way to practice your speaking in real-life situations, interact with native speakers and make friends. Improve your language proficiency or maintain your fluency with our classes.