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7-year-old speaks 5 languages

"Now, it's a common myth that children are much better language learners than adults. Unfortunately, this is a myth that's perpetuated wherever you go, and is often used by adults to justify not trying so hard themselves…

'Children just soak up languages like a sponge, but it's too late for me now.'

When you watch this video, you may find yourself feeling the same thing. But I want you to look a bit deeper into exactly how Yukine has managed to learn these languages, because there's a very important lesson in there....

As regular readers of the blog will know, these are exactly the same success factors that I spend my time encouraging people (i.e. adults) to go after…

1) Spend time on your languages every day…and keep it up for years 2) Speak regularly with people you like 3) Be clear why you're learning, and stay motivated by surrounding yourself by the right people

It really is no different whether you're 7 or 70! 🙂

This article, video included, was originally posted on the I Will Teach You a Language blog, full version can be found here