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5 Methods To Improve Your Spanish

Learning something new can help grow your creativity, keep your brain active, and discover new sides of yourself along the way. Picking up another language like Spanish is no exception to this general truth!

Here are only some fantastic ways to unlock your Spanish to potential:

Work on Spanish With a Tutor (Online or In-Person)

Group classes must generally follow a fixed pace that is an average of everyone’s level and skill, and usually follow a relatively fixed plan. That is the reason small class sizes are better and the best of everything is a class size of one.

Contrary to popular belief, one-on-one coaching can surprisingly be competitively priced with group learning, and this is especially relevant for online classes as your tutor doesn't need to invest time, energy and money in making a trip to meet you. If it’s a viable option for you, private classes can be the best approach.

RoLa offers its wonderful classes online, as well as offers one-on-one tutoring. We use our amazing RoLa Method, our course material, and our teachers adapt to your needs.

Go to Spanish Language Meetups

Language-learning doesn't just need to be one-on-one. In many cities, you can discover "language meetup" events where people from everywhere gather to communicate and hone their skills together in a particular language (usually for free or very low cost!).

Try googling ‘language meetup’ or go to and find a meetup in your city!

Picking Up Spanish With Audio Resources

Podcasts and recordings are a great way to incorporate Spanish into your daily life while you drive, cook, commute, or go for a walk in your neighborhood. It's anything but difficult to fit learning into your busy schedule when you can multitask. Fortunately, there are loads of sources to pick from, and a large number of them are free. While this is a great complement, remember that to truly ace a language, you must also engage with it actively by speaking and listening live!

Visit the RoLa Languages youtube page and you can find a lot of videos that you can listen to while you’re working!

Find a Language Exchange Partner

Look for opportunities to do language exchanges so you can teach someone your language(s) as they help you with Spanish (for free!). While in-person meetings are great, explore the possibilities to find someone online and practice by video call.

A website that is one of the director's favorites is the Conversation Exchange.

Play Games for Learning Spanish

The visual element of language games can be a great advantage for your learning style and a fun way to stay engaged. Games also offer the flexibility of time commitment if you want to play for 5 minutes or hours. The scoring keeps it competitive and encourages you to challenge yourself and beat your own personal record!

Make flashcards, do crossword puzzles, do word searches, or even find a Quizlet!

Buena suerte on your language learning journey!