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6 Reasons To Teach Your Child a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language has many benefits and creates a world of opportunities especially when introduced at a young age. If you're a parent (or simply interested in the benefits of language learning), read on to find out why you should introduce foreign language learning!

1. You'll open up a universe of opportunity to your kid

Having the option to communicate in another language opens up tons of possibilities. As a language student yourself, I'm certain you're aware of that already!

You can travel, meet new individuals, learn about different societies and truly immerse yourself in them, access foreign movies and books in their original versions, and much more.

Introducing your child to an unknown tongue, even just a tad, starts to open these doors for them. At the point when they're more established, they'll have the option to choose how they want to pursue their language path further.

Urging your kid to become familiar with another dialect will also potentially create more career opportunities later in their life – they may decide to concentrate abroad or work with languages as a profession. They may decide not to do either of those things but by showing your youngster a new language, you'll allow them to have that decision to make!

2. You'll stimulate your child's intellectual development

Learning a foreign language is an extraordinary exercise for your mind - especially for the developing brain of a kid! Learning unfamiliar words and pronunciation is a great source of mental movement.

Different studies have indicated that learning a new language can additionally improve mathematical, dynamic, and critical thinking aptitudes. Thus, language-learning will enable your child to succeed in a wide scope of subjects at school.

When you learn to communicate in a new tongue, you likewise start to comprehend your own language better. You find out about syntactic ideas, about what works and what doesn't, and it enables you to comprehend language better overall.

Learning a language also drives creativity. When you reflect on how to communicate what you want to say, it's frequently a critical thinking activity and requires you to be innovative. This is something that will urge your youngster to build up their inventiveness, which is valuable in many parts of their life.

3. You will set them up for lifelong language learning

If you can get your kid keen on learning a language at an early age, they will be bound to proceed as they get older and in the end become more fluent. At a younger age you have the opportunity to learn language through more natural and also fun ways like games and songs, so it doesn’t seem like work (as it does to many adults!) and helps to establish a positive attitude towards language learning which will serve as your child grows.

4. Your youngster will have the option to learn more languages with ease

When you know one new language – even if it’s just the basics – it turns out to accelerate gaining proficiency with additional languages. That is because you now have an understanding of the parts of language, you've acquainted yourself with some sentence structure ideas, and you may recognize similarities across languages (like between French and Spanish, for instance).

As your child gets older, it’s true that they may not be interested in continuing in the language you first educated them on. However, they might be excited to learn another one, and knowing a bit of the one you first introduced to them will give them a head start.

Or then again, while they may not be keen on learning any new languages in the end, you can still give them the opportunity to make that choice through experience!

5. Your kid will build appreciation for different cultures

Learning a new language is consistently accompanied by cultural elements. While acquainting your youngster with their first words in an unknown language, you can give them a peek into the nations and societies that the language is utilized in. That way, you will assist them with building up an understanding and appreciation for other cultures.

Beyond that – your child will pick up skills that will assist them with working in a global multicultural society like being a strong communicator, valuing someone else's perspective, listening attentively, having compassion towards others, and being genuinely interested in others and their methods of accomplishing things.

6. You'll make memories & have fun together!

Learning a language with your kid sets the stage for memorable moments. Learning a language allows you to open the door for many different cultural experiences, for example, finding new music and singing together in the new language, watching movies and kids shows, exploring books, cooking exciting foods, and potentially even traveling abroad and meeting new people.

By learning and doing each one of those things together you will likewise make memories that you can look back on as your kid improves in the language as they get older.

Overall, exposing your child to a new language presents all kinds of benefits for the now and also the future.

Don’t miss this opportunity to open their world for a lifetime!