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Get Rid Of Distractions

Get Rid Of Distractions

While you can't get rid of everything, you can make a conscious effort to diminish or reduce everyday distractions.

Create a peaceful zone. Silence your phone notifications or better yet turn it off all together. Shut the door to your office and ask people around you not to interrupt you. Close projects or applications that aren't fundamental to the task at hand.

Practice To Save Time

Concentrate on one undertaking at a time – It can be a lot harder to focus when constantly taking minibreaks to reply or send messages, or answer unexpected calls. It has been suggested that it can take as long as 15 minutes for us to recapture total concentration after an interruption.

Switch among tasks that require different levels of brain power – This can give your mind a chance to rest and reset after demanding projects. For example, if you spend two hours chipping away on one specific task, you'll most likely begin to feel tired and unmotivated. You can break it up and re-energize by working on a low-consideration task for 15 minutes before returning to your main to-do.

Prioritize – Having a lot to do can be overwhelming, and this at some point causes procrastination. You may rapidly hop from one task to another, creating the illusion of productivity – yet in actuality, you're not really finishing anything. Take 10 or 15 minutes to assess the tasks at hand to figure out the levels of priority, then create a plan of the order of execution and stick to it.

Discover Your Peak Times

Everyone has a peak productivity time. Some hear the birds sing and are ready to take on the day. Some are fueled by midday motivation. And, others work best in the evening time.

Many people know naturally when their "up" times are and when their "down" times are - but you may not have just one. Some people feel up in the first part of the day, down toward the early evening, and up again during the night. Take the time to figure out when you’re most productive, or even just when you’re least productive, and plan accordingly.