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Language Learner Blogs to read

Language-learning-focused blogs are a very useful tool to aid in your own journey, so we would like to share with you the 5 best language blogs that every language learner should read. Language is an art, so when you have learned a language, you are an artist!


Lingholic was established in late 2012 out of a craving to create a hub for language students and polyglots dispersed through YouTube and everywhere on the web. It was made as a local resource to give data, set up exchanges, and share knowledge on language acquisition from a wide scope of viewpoints. Lingholic serves to make your life simpler and break down how language-learning works. There's no wizardry; individuals who communicate in 10+ languages are not ‘freaks of nature’ that were brought into the world with innate skills. They are just extraordinary, very enthusiastic individuals!

Today, they've compiled tons of resources, easily accessible on their blog.

The Polyglot Dream

Luca Lampariello runs this language learning blog. As a hardworking YouTuber, he accepts that learning a language is arduous; it is about energy and there’s no easy route.

Lampariello has been learning languages and developing his skills for the past twenty years - he is familiar with ten languages! His site centers around the foundation of communication in language: the capacity to assemble sounds and words. His recordings show the clients the best approach to become familiar with a language and then assist them with building up a strong language-learning framework.

Brazilian Gringo

Josh Plotkin, more commonly known as the 'Brazilian Gringo', started his pillar language blog when he visited Brazil with his family. The Brazilian Gringo helps non-natives to adjust to life in Brazil, all the more effectively by improving their Brazilian Portuguese abilities. Additionally, his blog provides information on Brazilian cultural themes. Common subjects that are regularly addressed throughout his content are ways to make money in Brazil, how to express English in Brazil, how to navigate Brazil's bureaucracy, and Brazilian music. Before visiting, Josh was teaching English in Colombia, but feeling unfulfilled and looking for a new challenge. As someone who could smoothly communicate in both Spanish and English, Josh's talents were of huge interest in Brazil, and he decided to call it home.

Today, the Brazilian Gringo helps countless people learn Portuguese from the perspective of a foreigner, which helps any newcomer wanting to learn Portuguese.

Fluent in 3 months

Perhaps the most well-known language-learning site is Fluent in 3 months, run by Benny Lewis. Creator of the "Language Hacking Series", Lewis currently communicates in eight languages. He helps individuals like you to feel confident in communicating in another language, regardless of whether you've just barely begun learning or have been studying for a long time. His goal is to encourage individuals to make mistakes: the more errors you make, the quicker you learn and become a proficient language student.

He began to compose his blog while making a multi-country trip and spotlights his transient learning missions. His philosophy is that all you need is 3 months to make great headway in a new language.

Speaking Fluently

Richard Simcott is familiar with sixteen languages and acts as the European Ambassador for Multilingualism and founded the Polyglot Conference. He has more than 10 years of expert experience utilizing languages with plenty of customers. As a component of this work, he demonstrates his skills and contributes to worldwide projects as a language advisor.

He has introduced various languages to individuals across the globe at different ages, from babies to seniors. The diversity of students has allowed him to gain & share insight into language acquisition from a broad range of skills, learning styles, and personalities.

Speaking Fluently offers you the opportunity to gather language learning tips and stories. Individuals can interact on the blog as well as on his Speaking Fluently Facebook page. He uses his blog, Facebook, and YouTube channel as a platform and forum for students to find info to suit their personal needs.


Learning a language can seem to be a daunting task, but yet is also an incredibly fulfilling, invigorating, and beneficial undertaking. While the bloggers on this rundown are "geniuses" in their field, in reality, they often suffer the same challenges as those they aim to help, so don’t be intimidated!

Following top-notch online language journals is a key piece of the puzzle reminding you that you're not alone. Whatever challenge you're facing in your own language learning, there's a blogger out there someplace who's experienced it as well. And no amount of studying by yourself can replace the benefits of finding your language community!