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Online Language Study For French Learners: On Y Va!

Do you ever feel like you're isolated out there in the enormous startling universe of learning another language?

There’s material galore all over the internet, yet you're simply missing that human element of somebody who truly gets what you're experiencing.

It's easy to get discouraged when your language learning isn't advancing along completely as per plan, but don’t give up!—there are a lot of bloggers out there who are experiencing the battle with you, and they're writing on it as they go!

Here are a couple of the top tips we’ve gathered of easy ways to improve your real-life French -

There Are Many Meanings Of “C'est Bon,” The French Phrase Literally Meaning “It’s Good”:

While this expression might sound average and boring, it’s very common and versatile for many situations. The tone you use when saying it can also do a lot to boost the meaning from “that’s acceptable,” “it’s ok,” “that’s fine,” to “that’s great!”, “that will work!”.

Similarly, as we would add an interesting saying to a plain T-shirt or jazz up a rice recipe to give it some flavor, the French can take the most flat sounding expression and turn it around to communicate some unadulterated joie de vivre.

“Oh, Là, Là” - How to Utilize This Quintessential Expression Like the French:

Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to add somewhat more style to your French discussions?

Need to communicate in three feeling pressed syllables?

Need a Jacques-of-all-exchanges addition that can offer voice to your most noteworthy highs and lowest lows?

Welcome to “Oh, là, là” Land.

Anywhere from shock, to surprise, to discouragement, to disbelief, to joy can be encompassed in “oh, là, là.”

Did your nephew jump out from behind the sofa and give you a scare? “Oh, là, là!”

Did you see the price on the invoice for your kitchen renovation estimate? “Oh, là, là!”

Did your computer die in the middle of your presentation to the company management? “Oh, là, là!”

Did you catch some amazing fireworks in the night sky on Bastille Day? “Oh, là, là!”

And the list goes on and on.

Pepper this expression into your daily conversation and take your French to the next level!