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Tips to learn Portuguese

Have you ever experienced that first moment of understanding somebody who's communicating in a foreign language? Or even just the feeling of having the option to speak with someone and be understood? That first experience is stunning and often the culmination of a great deal of practice.

As an English speaker, you can be understood all over the world, yet only communicating in English means you may miss the experience of memories like these. In spite of this, by perusing this article you're now one step nearer to finding the pleasures of Portuguese. To give you a little extra motivation, I've accumulated some particular tips that I generally provide for my English-speaking students learning Portuguese. Follow these tips and you will be communicating in and comprehending the Portuguese language more and more:

1. Use repetition: read, write and speak words again and again.

2. Partner words with drawings, pictures, and entertaining scenes to create visual connections.

3. Practice the language regularly in daily life.

4. Find a variety of sources to read, particularly the newspaper, which encourages you to learn new words in context.

5. Learn about the foundations of words and their connections with one another.

6. Talk with native speakers as much as you can.

7. Create new words with related vocabulary that you already know.

8. Converse with your family or even your pet daily despite the fact that they might not understand you. It is still great practice!

9. Pronounce words out loud, even if you’re just reading or listening to them.

10. Make connections between new vocabulary and similar-sounding words in your native language.

If you follow all these tips, you will be one step closer to reaching your goal. And remember, if you’re really interested in getting on the fast-track to fluency, sign up for our Portuguese language courses at or send us an email to to learn more!