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YouTube Channels for Learning A Language

When you think about all the content available on YouTube, you may become overwhelmed with the infinite options and worry you will not have enough time to take it all in. You can find practically anything on YouTube! Among those millions of videos, there is plenty of valuable content and several interesting YouTube channels that could be used in your language learning journey. You can quickly and directly engage with any language you wish to learn. You can train your ear to your target language and learn new words and phrases in an interactive way.

Regardless of your level, you can find someone who teaches that language on YouTube, or simply is speaking it. YouTube is a great way to immerse yourself in your target language without traveling to where it is spoken. Watching tv shows and movies are a great tool, but watching YouTube usually exposes you to more everyday language and phrases that will help you converse more naturally with native speakers.

YouTube is much more than a depot for cat videos - it’s a language learner’s paradise!

Using YouTube To Your Best Advantage

Sometimes becoming a polyglot seems like an intensely challenging task. It's not just about achieving the long-term goals of your learning - even getting started can feel like a big feat. Need some inspiration? Here's what you can find in videos by the best YouTube creators.

They make it look so simple. You can easily be marveled by how these linguists seem to master new languages. Watch foreign words easily roll off their tongues and wonder at their natural fluency. Pay close attention to their skills.

Now realize: these are not special, hyper-intelligent people. They are real people with an addiction to language. Just like you! And if they can do it, so can you!

Their experience is full of valuable information. They share their mistakes, errors, and personal challenges with clarity and honesty. Learning another language is by no means easy, and their struggle can help you through yours.

Rola Recommendations: Top YouTube Channels For Language Learning

French: Learn French With Alexa: Learn French With Alexa

German: Learn German

Italian: Italian Mastery

Spanish: Butterfly Spanish

Portuguese: Learn Portuguese with


Check out some of these language learning videos the next time you're on YouTube - your language skills can go viral! Whether you like playing video games, are a movie buff, or just looking for some quick tips you're sure to find content in the language you wish to learn. There's something for everyone!

So what is your favorite channel that you use to practice another language?

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