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5 Easy Ways To Start Learning Mandarin

There are so many reasons to learn Mandarin Chinese. Not only will you be introduced to one of the oldest, most popular, and culturally rich languages in the world, but learning Mandarin opens so many doors. To sell you on this amazing language, here are 3 reasons to learn Mandarin:

1. Learning Mandarin will help you get around if you travel to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia... and more!

2. Learning Mandarin can also open up career and business opportunities. Mandarin is one of the most used languages in the world, and China is one of the largest growing economies. The need for Mandarin speakers will most definitely be around for a while! Work on your business Mandarin with an audiobook - play back and repeat as much as you want!

3. No conjugations and verb tenses. Nice, right? Not that learning Mandarin is easy, but to some it is more straightforward to learn than other languages.

Not sure where to get started learning Mandarin? Here are 5 tips for learning Mandarin Chinese:

1. Start with speaking and pronunciation. Then get acquainted with reading and writing characters. This is because it is relatively faster to learn how to speak, and will possibly help you to start using the language in real life faster.

2. Start watching Mandarin Chinese TV shows and movies. This will help with memorization, and learning about the culture! Try "Ode to Joy," "Nothing but Thirty," and "Empresses in the Palace."

3. Get a travel book. This can help you get started learning the most useful phrases. Travel guides and books are catered to people who want to get started quickly, which could help immerse you sooner. Get a phrasebook like this one to use on your travels.

4. Into YouTube tutorials? Try finding some in Mandarin, and get familiar with topics you are already interested in.

5. Find people to practice with. Luckily, Rola Languages offers classes and tutoring to connect you with other learners!

These are 5 ways to improve your Mandarin for the complete beginner. Ready to get immersed? Check out levels 1 & 2 of Rola’s Mandarin workbooks -

Good luck! 祝好运!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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