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Welcome to French for Beginners!

We're Rola Languages, a language learning institute based in Boston, USA. This course is designed for beginners and no background in French language is expected before taking this course. Our interactive design and engaging videos are curated to give you enough practice to become a confident speaker and writer in French. Every lecture is followed by quizzes and a practice test to give you feedback before moving forward. By the end of this course, you will be able to write basic sentences in French, respond to greetings, attain a basic vocabulary, and start using adjectives of color, size, and time, to name a few, to start writing rich and descriptive sentences.


What you will learn

Basic Vocabulary

Write basic sentences in French

Respond to greetings

Adjectives of color, size, time, and more!

Begin writing descriptive sentences.



French For Beginners

    • Beginners learning French language.
    • Students learning French.
    • Students curious about French language.
    • Learners looking for an interactive French course.
    • Individuals looking to start their French language learning journey.
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