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La Familia Rocha series is an introductory Spanish series for children language learners. The goal is to help students practice Spanish, while having fun and learning vocabulary. Book 2, Redolfo Orosco, is the second installment in the six-part series and introduces Redolfo. After learning about María in book 1, now readers will learn all about Redolfo and his life! Continue on your Spanish journey and learn about María, Redolfo, and how they fell in love! Each book in the series will be progressive in nature. Readers will learn more Spanish and about the characters in the series. This children's book is ideal for parents and children alike. At the bottom of each page, students and parents can find key Spanish vocabulary words and their English translations. Stay tuned for the next La Familia Rocha adventure!


*Please note that it may take up to a week to deliver.*

La Familia Rocha: Redolfo Orosco

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